Welcome to

Fleet Readiness Center Northwest

Our Vision

To be a maintenance and repair center of excellence, meeting fleet requirements by providing responsive, innovative, and cost effective maintenance solutions for Naval Aviation systems and equipment.

Our Mission

To enhance combat capability and fleet readiness by safely providing costwise and quality products, services, and skillsets to the warfighter locally and deployed.

Fleet Readiness Center Northwest (FRCNW), previously known as Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Detachment (AIMD), was established in 1959 and developed into the premier intermediate and depot maintenance facility in the Pacific Fleet. Over 800 Sailors, Marines, civilians, contractors, and depot maintenance-level personnel at FRCNW provide aviation maintenance and logistics support to 13 EA-6B/EA-18G and 5 P-3/EP-3 squadrons, 11 aircraft carriers, 1 C-9 squadron, the station Search and Rescue component and various Northwest region activities.
   FRCNW continues to lead the Naval Aviation Enterprise in the transformation of aviation maintenance and was the 2010 Secretary of Defense Maintenance Award winner for medium category. FRCNW provides intermediate and depot-level repair for more than 12,500 different aviation components. Repair services are provided for jet engines, airframes, avionics, armament, aviation life support systems, ejection seats, and 2,300 pieces of support equipment.
   FRCNW supports deployed operations afloat and overseas through 3 sea duty components.
   Sea Operational Detachment (SEAOPDET) provides afloat maintenance support, repairing avionics, airframes, power plants, and aviation life support systems for embarked EA-6B squadrons on board 11 aircraft carriers in the Pacific and Atlantic fleets. P-3 Operational Detachments (P-3 OPDET) provides similar maintenance support for forward-deployed P-3C squadrons at overseas locations. Van Operational Detachment (VANOPDET) provides intermediate-level maintenance logistics support to forward-deployed expeditionary EA-6B Prowlers and EA-18G Growlers at overseas locations.
   FRCNW also manages the Support Equipment Repair Facility at Naval Station Everett in support of Pacific Northwest carriers.

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