History of Maintenance Excellence

   Fleet Readiness Center Northwest (FRCNW), formerly Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Detachment (AIMD) Whidbey Island, was established under Commander, Fleet Readiness Centers (COMFRC) on October 10, 2008. AIMD's history of excellence in aircraft maintenance dates to 1959 first as a department under NAS Whidbey Island supporting the Douglas A3D Skywarrior and Lockheed P2V Neptune aircraft.
   FRCNW is comprised of over 1000 Sailors, DoD civilian, and contractor personnel. Military members are serving on shore duty, Sea Operational Detachment, Van Operational Detachment, and P-3 Operational Detachment in support of world-wide requirements. In addition to permanently assigned technicians, Naval Reservists receive mobilization training and contribute to the production effort during drill weekends.
   FRCNW is the driving force behind multiple operational successes achieved by EA-18G, P-3C, EP-3E and P-8A warfighters engaged in OPERATION INHERENT RESOLVE (OIR) and the continued fight against terrorism. Meeting the challenge, FRCNW facilitated peak operational readiness of supported activities.
   FRCNW continues to lead the Naval Aviation Enterprise in the transformation of Aviation Maintenance. FRCNW provides intermediate and depot level repair of over 12,500 different aviation components. Repair services are provided for jet engines, airframes, avionics, armament, aviation life support systems, ejection seats, and over 2,300 pieces of support equipment directly supporting 22 local and deployed squadrons, 10 aircraft carriers, 3 overseas operational sites and numerous Pacific Northwest Regional commands and activities.
   As the Navy 's sole organic T56-A-14 engine First Degree repair facility, FRCNW is the primary producer of all P-3C and EP-3E engines and the only organic facility providing First Degree complete engine module repair. Capitalizing on manpower optimization and process improvements, FRCNW produced and shipped 34 engines in 2017 filling 71 percent of the fleet's demand.
   The premier intermediate maintenance activity of the Pacific Northwest, FRCNW has sustained one of the highest ready-for-issue rates Navy-wide for large, shore-based maintenance activities. In the last year alone FRCNW effectively employed 403,213 maintenance man-hours on 335,028 maintenance actions while maintaining a 95.5 percent component Ready for Issue (RFI) rate. This exceeded last year's phenomenal successes by 7,889 maintenance man-hours and an RFI rate increase of 8.5 percent while achieving a 7 percent reduction in Beyond Capable Maintenance (BCM) for a cost avoidance savings of 9.6 million. FRCNW has received six awards from Naval Air Forces Pacific for "Best AIMD in the Pacific Fleet" and was the recipient of the 2000 and 2008 Secretary of Defense "Phoenix" Award for maintenance excellence and the FY-17 Retention Excellence award.
   Throughout the years, FRCNW has solidified local community relations through a myriad of humanitarian services such as building homes with Habitat for Humanity, Drug Education for Youth; Partnership in Education; Relay for life; and Adopt-a-Beach and overseas Adopt-a-Highway in Sembach, Germany; Annual Memorial Day Ceremony in St. Avold, France; and Annual Nishiki Beach Clean-up in Iwakuni, Japan. FRCNW has also hosted numerous blood drives for the Armed Services Blood Drive Program and continues to be the largest military contributor in the Pacific Northwest receiving special recognition at the Armed Services Blood Bank Center 's luncheon held at Joint Base Lewis McChord.
   Continuously seeking ways to improve effectiveness and efficiency through metric driven operations, FRCNW fosters a close productive relationship with Fleet war fighting customers to satisfy current and future maintenance requirements. Fleet Readiness Center Northwest is extremely proud of its outstanding heritage of supporting our Nation's war fighters.